24 Apr

Best Smoked Salmon Recipe

The salmon is a fantastic, delicious, fleshy and meaty fish and is generally available in different places. When you smoke the salmon it enhances the flavours making it even more mouth-watering to eat as well as smoking it is a perfect way of cooking the fish especially for people who hardly likes eating salmon. It contains different kinds of nutrients such as calcium and potassium which makes your muscles and bones strong, omega-3 fatty acids which plays a fundamental task in normal growth and development, brain function plus decreases the possibility of heart disease and protein which is vital for people who are losing weight. On the other hand, it is commonly well thought-out as a delicacy because it’s somewhat expensive.

Hot and Cold Smoking

Smoking a salmon is very easy and it does not involve a lot of effort and time. But before you start smoking, it is important that you are aware that there are two methods available. These are the methods:

1. Hot smoking – this method requires cooking. It is easy to make without sacrificing the taste. The good thing about this method is that you can cook the fish for a couple of hours instead of days. You need to brine and season the salmon first followed by air-drying to make sure the skin is really dry so that pellicles may form which prevents fat from coming out when you start smoking.

2. Cold smoking – this method does not involve any cooking. You have to place the salmon in an area with a temperature range of 30-37C (86-99F) and must maintain it. With this temperature it will not cook the fish however it gives it a perfect smoky aroma and taste as well as makes it very moist. However, it requires more time and effort since you have to slowly smoke the fish. Also, it is great for preserving because this method is a blend of drying or brining/curing. Read a more robust explanation here.

Advantage Curing: It prolongs the storage duration as well as makes the fish fresh. It plays a role as an antibacterial and antiseptic thus helps in preventing the salmon from ruining or spoiling. It makes the consistency and quality of the salmon much better.

Always Choose Fresh Salmon: When choosing the right salmon, you must always opt for the fresh ones. Here are some tips on how to choose your prefect fish.

When you buy a whole fish make sure the eyes are bright and clear, make sure it does not have a foul smell, the fish must be firm and has no discoloration, Its fleshy tissue should have a pinkish, shiny and moist appearance.