11 Apr

Exotic Seafood around the World

Seafood is enjoyed in almost every part of the world. Whether it is caught by a local fisherman or processed and imported by big companies, people enjoy the seafood universally. Every place has their own taste in food, so if you want to enjoy the seafood from various parts of the world then you have to travel to enjoy it. Here we will see some of the exotic seafood you can enjoy around the globe.

Gong Gong, South-East Asia:
This cuisine is mostly enjoyed in Singapore as these are conch and required to remove their shell in order to enjoy the meat inside them after it is cooked nicely. It is fried or steamed and you need to dip it into Chilly sauce to enhance its taste.

Hakari, Iceland:
Hakari is actually fermented carcass of shark and it is the national dish of Iceland. It is prepared by gutting the shark and then it is buried beneath sand, stones and then it is left for completion of the decomposition process which takes from 2 days to three months.

Moreton Bay Bugs, Australia:
This dish is prepared in Australia and the Moreton Bay Bugs are just close relatives of Rock Lobster. Unlike Lobsters, the Moreton Bay Bugs are little sweeter and richer in taste. These are best served with the mayonnaise.

Live Octopus, Korea:
You heard it right, this eight legged beast is delicious when cooked nicely, but Koreans saves their time and eat Octopus alive. Alive Octopus will increase strength and stamina much efficiently than the cooked one. But, be aware while eating it, as it can choke your throat.

Seahorse, China:
Seahorse is often seen as anti-ageing food in china, the delicious Seahorse is eaten generally on kebab but the sharp pieces sometimes stuck in your teeth and gums for which you have to struggle
after eating seahorse.

Barramundi, Australia:
Again you’ll have to travel Australia in order to enjoy this exotic dish or you can travel India, Thailand or even Vietnam to enjoy the cuisine. The fish is crispy after cooked and will give you a taste to remember. You can have it grilled or fried according to your appetite.

Espardenyes, Spain:
When we say Spain, our minds starts thinking about the tasty non-vegetarian dishes that make our mouth watery, these sea slugs when combined with tomato sauce will make you eat them more. Due to their shape they are also known as Espardenyes Sandals.