06 Jun

Grilling Safety Tips

We all love that greasy roasted steak done by uncle Bob, and our vegetarian friends may very well enjoy that grilled corn or even asparagus that aunty Susan makes with so much love. Not only is grilling just about the food, it is also about the stories shared by extended family members and the merry made over the pot roast. Indeed, some of life’s heartiest waves of laughter and life’s best joys are shared over a grill. So it is very special.

This is why grilling should be made safe so that everyone can fully enjoy the tasty food without risking their lives or safety. There are some few tips that should be followed to ensure grill safety and they

● Avoid “instagraming” during grilling. It is true that there is a certain thrill and excitement in documenting some of life’s riskiest moments, but it is also important to take care of your safety and life. Taking photos or videos while grilling, fun, as it may seem, is actually very risky. This is because of the divided attention which makes it harder to not only make a good pot roast but also notice any hazards during the process. Furthermore, placing electronic devices such as smartphones near fire zones like grills is not a safe bet, as they are likely to explode and cause you harm.
● Make sure you are in good enough physical shape to be grilling. Losing your footing cause of bad joints or weak bones and reaching for the grill can cause you to burn yourself in the blink of an eye. Trying something like insta flex can help aid you in this.
● Ensure that there are no gas leaks and the pipes are properly connected by checking the connection points. This is in order to avoid an explosion from possible gas leaks.

● Please ensure that your grill is kept clean by removing leftover fat and grease matter as well as old dirt that could explode on ignition. This would also prevent smoke accumulation during grilling that has the potential of choking and suffocating someone.
● If you smell a gas while cooking, please turn off the stove and burners and ensure that the room or the area is properly ventilated. It is also important to avoid overcrowding in an area where gas leaks can be smelt; this is because overcrowding reduces the flow of air in this particular areas and any possible explosion more likely to be potent.
● Avoid leaving cooking unattended. This is one of the most major cause of fires, both at home and during grilling. It is important to avoid leaving the grill unattended for a long time.
● Placing flammables too close to grills. This is another major cause of fires. Combustibles such as gas or engine oil have a very high chance of catching fire when placed too close to fires. This includes grilling on non-flammable floor surfaces.
● Charcoal BBQ, as well as propane grills, should only be used outside. This includes keeping grills at least 10 feet away from residential buildings.
● Young children should always be kept away from grills. They are more likely to cause accidental fires or harm themselves if left too close to the grill. Example: a young child could burn him/herself by touching a hot grill with bare hands, or even topple on hot charcoal.
All in all, please ensure that you grill safely so that you could live to enjoy the next pot roast and grilled BBQ!